We all have had more time to think about our purpose in this time of less social interaction.  I know I have tried to make a commitment to be more intentional with communication and really try to see other’s point of view.   We all approach this time from a different prospective. My granddaughter, who was scheduled to graduate from college, sees the world from a different place than the single mom who lost her job at a local restaurant.   Both have emotions that are very real and of course, you and I will see the situations in a different light depending on our history.  I console my granddaughter with: “this is a memory that no one else has ever had for the good or bad”.   The single mom I really have tremendous empathy for as unemployment payments have not been disbursed readily and really wish we could do more on her behalf.  Her world has had real life consequences that must be considered by all who are making decisions on her behalf.


So, my prayers every day are for those that hold the power to make decisions that so critically affect all of us.  Here in the real world many people are doing clever things to make the new normal safer and healthier for all of us.   Just read that Ford has developed a software update for some of its Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility patrol vehicles that allow them to use the climate control system to raise the cabin temperature to 133 degrees for 15 minutes to help kill any coronavirus inside.  Research conducted in conjunction with The Ohio State University found that the cycle could reduce concentrations of the virus present by up to 99 percent.  The software is compatible with the 2013-2019 models of the SUV.  Depending on the year, the feature is engaged either with a smartphone app or by manually inputting a code using the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel then exiting the vehicle.


So, let’s make our purpose to find real solutions for the “new normal” on all fronts!