Try Local First this Spring

Are you ready for Spring?  I know I am.  The daffodils are starting to bloom, and the trees have a hint of pink – just ready to explode to those shades of bright fuchsia and magenta.  Time to get out in the yard and trim, clean-up and plant! When you get ready to plant, remember to “Try Local First”.  Local nurseries provide quality flowers, trees, vegetable starts and herbs.  So, it is not just a price comparison-there is quality and vibrancy to consider.  You can tell the difference and I have a “brown” thumb!

Where else can you be looking to “Try Local First” this spring?  We can look forward to locally grown strawberries and asparaguses.  I take my cues from the reader board at the local Burgerville.  Just love how they source nearly 100% of their food products locally.  They have literally saved ranches in Oregon owned by generations of families who love ranching but could not compete with large corporate owned spreads.  Berries (all varieties), pumpkins, onions, they all have a season special to look forward to at the local Burgerville.  And, of course, a milkshake made from ice cream of a happy, smiling Oregon Dairy cow always hits the spot!

In addition, Burgerville is one of the Oregon companies that step up to help their local community.  They are a model business so please consider them when you dine out and are thinking “Try Local First”!  Spread the sunshine with your local dollars!