Tools are an essential part of our business.   We have a whole room full of specialty tools that are unique to particular Ford vehicles.  At Gresham Ford, we have tools that are computers that connect us to engineers in Dearborn.  However, tools are only as good as the technician using them!   We are so proud of all our employees! They have been deemed essential through all this “shelter at home”, but we can testify to the fact they have always been essential to our success!


Employees are essential to any good business, and on that note, we are optimistic that all businesses will get open soon.   The longer this goes on, the harder it is to keep great teams together and we have tremendous empathy for those that are struggling with this problem.  We hope that our leaders understand that no business wants to open at the expense of the community’s health, but leadership always has to make decisions that, at the end of the day, will cause the greatest benefit to our community with the least damage.


Big businesses in our community are falling fast (Nordstrom’s in Clackamas, Pier One, etc.).  So you can well bet many other small businesses are experiencing the same thing.  We must save our small businesses!!  Their employees are essential!!  Each employee has a family, each provides unique expertise and lifts up our economy.  Lots of money has been spent by many businesses to make your shopping experience as safe as possible.    I encourage you to Try Local First whenever possible.  So,  I encourage you to move forward at your own pace, and please remember to support local because we can have all the tools and automation in the world but we need the expertise and heart of real people behind them.