It is June – almost summer time but baseball and berry pie time for sure.   Give Amy at Gresham Ford 503-665-0101 a call if you would like some tickets to the Gresham Grey Wolves.  We are proud to be a sponsor and would love to encourage you to attend!   Go to their website,, for more information!

The good news, it is summer!  The bad news, when summer comes many children who rely on the meals at school for the bulk of their daily nutrition are left without that resource.  Surprisingly, one out of 7 families in our community face food insecurity.   So, our friends at Way FM 104.5 have put together a peanut butter drive for SnowCap so they can provide kids a simple, healthy, easy to use jar of nutrition.  According to their statistics a jar of peanut of butter can provide 14 meals.

Ford Motor Company has stepped up for this also providing resources to the Oregon Food Bank and Food Banks in other Northwestern States.   They, like the rest of us, do not want children to go hungry!   There are many campaigns and programs that provide assistance during the Holiday Season but Ford and Way FM saw this need for kids in the summer and thought Peanut Butter might be a good cure!  So excited to be a part of this!

So please if you would like to join us drop by a jar of Peanut Butter at Gresham Ford.  We will get it to the folks at SnowCap and we plan on providing a little jelly also!