Amidst the buzz of our normal, everyday lives, we tend to forget that somewhere, a neighbor, a relative, a friend of a friend or maybe even someone you know personally, is struggling with PTSD and trying to fit back into a “normal” life.

PTSD afflicts a vast percentage of our returning veterans. Dogs help veterans relax and realize they are no longer in danger. Dogs interrupt recurring flashbacks of horrific events, or nightmares. Dogs help vets sleep better and shed feelings of numbness, tension, anxiety and depression. Dogs can even lead owners away from suicidal thoughts.

Northwest Battle BuddiesNorthwest Battle Buddies founder and president Shannon Walker said she’s seen dogs transform the lives of many PTSD-troubled vets, giving them the strength to lead normal lives. A professional dog trainer for 20 years, Walker, 49, started Northwest Battle Buddies four years ago out of the same facility where she runs her for-profit business, Man’s Best Friend. She wants to expand her non-profit to help 60 veterans each year. There’s no cost to the vets. Dogs and their care are donated, as are funds to run the agency.

Walker and her one staff person, Teresa Morkert, have joined with 10 volunteers to help vets with PTSD from all over the Portland metro area, and some from as far away as Wyoming, to train with dogs.

This amazing organization is run on none other than volunteers and donations, which includes their Annual Fundraiser Dinner.  This will be an incredible evening you won’t want to miss.  Featuring; former Navy SEAL, author and founder of the Lone Survivor Foundation, Marcus Luttrell.

So, mark your calendars for an evening with “Lone Survivor”, Marcus Luttrell, May 5th, 2018 at the Oregon Convention Center, doors opening at 4:30pm.  To register and for more information, please visit: or call 360-601-9744.