First, thank you for reading the local newspaper – your support allows Pamplin Media Group to do the special things they do in our community – like sponsor local events that get the word out with in-kind sponsorships that allow so many fundraisers to maximize the money raised rather than spend it on publicity.   They do special programs and contests that allow the community to participate and tell their stories.   Recently, they just finished the fifth year of their Amazing Kids Program – this takes hours of staff support and lots of company resources but the results in total, are truly AMAZING.  One that focuses on great stories of selflessness rather than on headlines of tragedy.


They featured 28 young people one from each community their local newspaper’s represent.   These 28 young people would make any community proud and in many cases the selection was difficult because there were several applicants to choose from.   There was a fifth grader who spearheaded a clothing drive that collected more than 7,000 pieces of clothing, an inventor, a real life Dougie Houser M.D. in training, the stories were all so uplifting.

See All 28 Amazing Kids

Gresham Ford was fortunate to sponsor one of these “Amazing Kids” and had the opportunity to meet her and her parents (the apple did not fall far from the tree).  Shelia Trnjanin, Centennial High School student and her family are the best of the best of our community.  Working hard to obtain the American Dream but all the while giving back whenever and wherever they can!   We wish Shelia much success as she continues her journey to change the world by attending University of Oregon.   They are “lucky” Ducks to get her!