Children are our most precious resource.  So, when an organization is making great strides in helping children thrive right here in our community, we want everyone to know their story!  After 13 years under Trillium Family Services, FAMILY OF FRIENDS mentoring spun off in the summer of 2016 and moved to Gresham to bridge the service gap created by recent demographic shifts in the Portland Metro area.  They now work in partnership with the City of Gresham, Multnomah County SUN programs and local school districts and businesses to serve more East County kids than ever before!

FAMILY OF FRIENDS mentoring focuses on creating a community adult support system around kids to help them thrive.  So, that is where you come in. They are looking for volunteers to partner with parent/guardians to spend time once a week with a young person doing fun activities.  Nothing grand (no theme parks) just fun time playing, cooking, reading or just hanging out and talking!    You become a mentor that will help a young person develop interpersonal skills and build a trusted relationship with another adult outside school and home who is on their team!

But who is the benefactor?  Well, everyone!  I know that spending time with children keeps the spirit young and the soul smiling so you will probably get more out of the relationship than the child.  Of course there are steps that you need to take in the interest of all to sign up for this life changing program….so don’t hesitate, do it now….call Michelle at FAMILY OF FRIENDS 503-618-2397 or e-mail

Who doesn’t want to expand their “Family of Friends”?