Staying Calm and Dreaming of a Pedicure!

A wise friend of mine posted this recently:  “All of us need to calm down.  Quit telling people who are financially struggling that they don’t care about human lives.  Quit telling people who are truly at risk of dying from this virus that they are cowering in fear.  Remember that until you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes, you should probably be careful in your judgments and subsequent harsh words.”

The one thing though, that I am sure of is that we all can make different choices and still be a supportive community!  Shopping local and supporting local non-profits has never been more important.   I thought I would give you a shortlist of why it is so important to “Shop Local”.


  1.  Our Local Economy-Significantly more money continues to circulate in the East Metro region when purchases are made locally.

  2. Jobs – Most new jobs are provided by local businesses – this is true nationally as well.

  3. Community Investment –Many local businesses are owned locally and they are more likely to invest in our community.

  4. Enhanced Public Services – When dollars are kept locally, it increases the amount of taxes collected that our police, fire, and public services need to perform their function.

  5. Distinct Character – Locally owned restaurants and stores give our community character and make tourists want to visit – which in itself is a reward!

  6. Environmental Impact – Businesses in our area generally use local suppliers which require less transportation.  This means less congestion and pollution.

  7. Know-How – Local businesses take more time to get to know their customers and provide better customer service.

  8. Diverse Marketplace – A marketplace made up of thousands of diverse businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices for the long-term.


So please stay calm and shop local!   We will all get through this together but I will sure be happy when I can get a pedicure (does that make me sound like a diva-yes we are all human)!