Take a Spring Break Local…

As Spring and Spring Break approach…and time nor budget allows for an extravagant vacation to some sunny beach…take heart there are many great local opportunities.

  1. The local bowling alley – they, like all businesses, were impacted by the severe storms this winter – make a date and do a little Cosmic Bowling.
  2. How about a movie –we have some great local independent Movie Theatres. Give one a try…the Mt. Hood Theatre on Powell is worth the price of admission just to admire the architecture.
  3. If you want to get physical how about a family or group bike trip on the Spring Water Trail or have you completed the hike to the top of the Multnomah Falls?
  4. Give the kids a history lesson with a guided tour of Lewis and Clarks local travels.
  5. Local Wine Tours – you can start in downtown Troutdale….latest stats say there are over 40 within easy driving distance.
  6. Young and old alike might enjoy a trip to Fort Vancouver!
  7. Portland Children’s Museum or the Zoo are always popular spring destinations – the Zoo providing a look at the “newest” arrivals!
  8. And then there is the Mountain and the Snow and Snow and the Mountain! Take a hike, throw some snowballs, build a snowman,  snow provides so many fun opportunities!
  9. The local scenery is so beautiful this time of year. Take your Phone; a.k.a. your camera,  and shoot pictures from different locations  (the morning sun on Mt. Hood is one of my favorites) then post on social media and make everyone jealous that is stuck in an airport on their way to a sunny destination.
  10. Then finally do what you do on vacation – dine out – go to a brewery, a local candy store, a special coffee place and try an independent restaurant you have never visited before. Just last week I dined at the new Indian Restaurant by Bi-Mart.  It was great!

Oh by the way if you are going to get on a plane be sure it is built by Boeing – remember to always “Try Local First”!


Bess Wills | General Manager

Gresham Ford