Spring de-Stress Cleaning!

Back in the day it was common to borrow a cup a sugar from your neighbor to complete a meal in process or a cake that needed to be baked.  Times have changed.  We have drive- thrus and even drive up delivery for groceries that we have pre-selected online.   So, no need to borrow a cup of something or a couple of eggs.  But just got an e-mail that I thought was interesting for us all so I am borrowing it… and sharing – thank you Michael Patrick, local Realtor for the following:

Three surprising benefits of Spring Cleaning (besides a clean house)….

DECREASE STRESS AND ANXIETY:  Cleaning, organizing and getting rid of clutter in your home leads to less stress and anxiety, a better mood and increased creativity.  This is because clutter can overwhelm your senses with visual distractions, smells and noises.  According to a recent study, most Americans say that worrying about having a clean and organized home is one of their top five stressors.  By tossing unwanted clutter and getting organized the related stress disappears with your trash.

YOU’LL FEEL HEALTHIER:   The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology finds that spring cleaning is effective in helping you avoid allergy symptoms that plague so many people during the springtime.  Spending time thoroughly cleaning your home not only gets rid of existing allergens like mold and dust, it can help keep new ones from entering when you change your air filters every three months.

YOU’LL BE FOCUSED AND MORE PRODUCTIVE:  Focusing in a cluttered home or office is tough.  American’s Anxiety Disorder Center found that when you have an organized space, your mind is more clear and focused, allowing you to be more productive and efficient.  Plus, once the space is clean and organized, it takes less energy and effort to keep it that way.

Well looks like I have some clutter to deal with….Happy Spring Cleaning!