All fired up for Shopping Local

There has never been a better time to be “on fire” about Try Local First.  Our First Responders and others have been working like the heroes they are putting out the local wild fires. And their heroic efforts have been noticed. I have been hearing many amazing stories from our neighbors in the businesses community that have been negatively affected by this local disaster. Downtown Troutdale, Cascade Locks, Corbett and others in the fire path have effectively been shut down due to necessary traffic restrictions.

As any of us know, a local business experiencing one or two bad business days can turn a good month into a just “OK” month.  Businesses can survive a few “OK” months. But a week’s worth of bad days can be devastating not only to the business but to the employees that are no longer needed due to the lack of customers. When there is no business there is not work for the employees to do and no revenue to pay them.

So, in the next weeks and months – take the family to lunch or dinner in the Locks. Resist shopping Etsy and Amazon and head down to the Troutdale General Store for some Halloween Décor. Buying and dining local helps our neighbors. And even before the smoke clears, many of our neighbors need a little hand up right now!

On the lighter and brighter side…. Business and laughter are usually not two words that go hand in hand. But I think you will be surprised as Try Local First also encourages you to attend the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce Business Summit on Wednesday evening October 11 th featuring Franz Wisner and Tracey Conway and on Thursday morning October 12 th featuring Ann Schatz. Everyone is invited. Please contact the Gresham Area Chamber at 503-665- 1113 for details. It is going to be GREAT ENTERTAINMENT. Don’t miss it! We have two free tickets to the evening event that will go to the first two people who give me a call at 503-969- 2708. My gift to you.