Everyday Leader

Those of you that were fortunate enough to attend the recent Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce, Business Leader Summit enjoyed listening to Christine Richards, proud owner and operator of Elkabee’s Coffee Haus in Clackamas.  In her presentation she used a video that is a “must see”.  It is a Ted Talk by Drew Dudley and the title is “Everyday Leadership”.   Drew Dudley believes leadership is not a characteristic reserved for the extraordinary.  He works to help people discover the leader within themselves!  It is a must see that will make you feel like there is a leader in all of us.

Begin this discovery by watching this powerful segment. One of the terms I would like to inspire you to put it in context is “Try Local First”.   We cannot change the world or Wall Street but we certainly have the ability to change our fellow neighbors and friend’s lives. We also have the power to make an impact on our own economy by shopping local for goods and services.

This has become extremely apparent in two locations of our community.  One:  the businesses in our community affected by the closure of Stark Street.  Two: the businesses and connected communities affected by the Eagle Creek Fire.   In addition, we have businesses and services in Gresham that everyday must compete with large malls and the internet. These independent smaller Gresham businesses support our little league teams, charity auctions, pay local taxes that give us fire and police protection….well you get the picture…so stop reading. Watch and share the Drew Dudley video, and continue to be what you are – “An Everyday Leader!”    “Try Local First” thanks you for your leadership!