Caring Amateur vs Trained Professional

Sometimes it is best to leave things to the Amateurs…… maybe they just try harder or maybe they are a little more persistent.   This past week we were grateful to attend a luncheon to honor SnowCap Community Charities 50th Anniversary.  Fifty years ago a caring community of church members (who really had never seen or heard the term Food Pantry) adopted a philosophy that “SnowCap will cross lines of race, religion, national origin, and economic status, hoping to coordinate and act as a barometer, correcting conditions which call for improvement.”  They made one of the conditions that this would not be a “way to get members for any church”-even flyers and brochures were forbidden in the food baskets.  They just wanted to serve those in need in their community and felt working together they could do more…and have they ever!!  The efficiency with which the services of this organization have been provided to our community is nothing short of a miracle!

The organization began small – at one point the new agency’s budget was a mere $68 over three months.  Yet during that same period, 43 families were given food baskets, 51 were given clothing and 138 others were furnished transportation and served in other ways.  Currently, SnowCap serves about 9,000 people per month.  This includes over 4,000 people who use the clothes closet.  Over the course of a year, 1,000 people volunteer for SnowCap.  The current cash budget is around $700,000 and administrative and fundraising expenses constitute just 6.5% of total expenses.  So, if you would like to honor their 50th Birthday with a $50 donation, this is what they will do with that.  They will buy food from the Oregon Food Bank for around a nickel a pound, which equals 1,000 pounds of food.  If the average food box weighs 50 pounds then it will provide 20 families with a box of food that will last approximately one week.  Or in other terms, feed a family of four for approximately five months.   They really do make $50 go along ways!!   If cash is not your way of serving call 503-674-8785 to find out how you might volunteer or provide other donations like food or clothing.  Happy Anniversary SnowCap! You can also donate on line at: