Sam Barlow High School Baseball Needs Your Help

You can Help!

As another year draws to a close, our schools, once again, begin to launch their fundraising efforts to raise the much needed funds for programs such as baseball, football, choir, pep clubs and so on.  While there have been funds allocated to our schools for academic and facility updates, many of these programs are not included in those projects, so it’s up to the program directors, coaches and parent groups to get the community involved to help fill in the gaps.

Sam Barlow High School Baseball

Sam Barlow High School Baseball is one such program in need of the community’s assistance.  Barlow recently hired the class of 2000’s Scott Hunter as their new head baseball coach.  This is exciting in so many ways but most importantly, Scott has a few health and safety upgrades he would like to make to the Barlow facility.  From securing storage buildings to updating the training facility, Scott has a plan that needs our help.

Sam Barlow High School Baseball relies heavily on sponsorships and donations from the community.  Their fundraising dinner and silent auction has always been an amazing way to build community support in their ball club. Currently they are in need of; volunteers, table sponsors, auction item donations and venue recommendations and donations.  Their projected date is February 24th, 2018 however they are still in process of finding a venue.

If you would like to help, please contact Erin Beggs at 503-709-0655 or email at

Scott’s main goal in his first year as coach is to provide an environment where the ball players have a safe place for growth and development.  Together, we can make this happen!

Play ball!